The HPMB line barrel pumps are multi-stage, designed and manufactured according to API 610, XI edition, and are suitable for heavy duty applications in the oil and gas, refining and petrochemical industry, for power plant boiler feed water, water injection, reverse osmosis. Designed to run at 50 or 60 Hz., with temperatures up to +400°C and pressures up to 220 bar, these pumps provide very high reliability, high interchangeability, easy accessibility to the inner parts and minimum maintenance.
The pump casing is radially split, centerline supported to eliminate the effects of the thermal expansions in case of high temperature applications, vaned diffusers, to reduce hydraulic radial thrust, with the exception of small capacity pumps (<80 m3/h), with double volute diffusers. Both solutions allow to reduce to the mini-mum the radial hydraulic thrusts.
Available with 4 to 13 stages, the first stage impeller being bigger or double suction to meet low NPSHr. The pump could be “de-staged” and this allows to grant the possibility to increase and/or decrease the number of stages, thus meeting any future requirements. The opposed impeller and diffuser configuration allows to minimize axial and radial thrusts.
Full cartridge design that allows an easy and quick dismantling of the pump; the operation could be further eased by using the dismantling cradle.
In compliance with API 610 standards, three configurations are foreseen: (a) anti-friction radial and thrust bearings, (b) hydrodynamic radial bearings and anti-friction thrust bearings, both with ring oil lubrication, including purge and pure oil mist systems; (c) hydrodynamic radial bearings and tilting pads thrust bearings with forced lubrication system.
A sturdy and deep stuffing box allows to fit cartridge mechanical seals, according to API 682 norms. Bearing housing cooling, if required, is achieved by means of a stainless steel cooler. As an alternative, a cooling fan fitted directly on pump shaft can also be offered on all pump models.
All constructive materials, as per API 610 material tables, are available. Other material combinations such as erosion/corrosion resistant alloys, are also available for specific applications

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